In our efforts to equip individuals with Corporate Governance best practices, the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda organizes corporate governance trainings for Senior Management, Committee Members, Compliance Officers, Company Secretaries, Audit Professionals, Risk Management Professionals, Change Managers, Accounting Professionals, Procurement Professionals, to mention but a few which take place twice a year.


The ICGU specializes in training Senior Managers and Board members in corporate governance practices for sustainability of their organizations and personal career growth through continuous professional development.  With the growing need for practical skills, this comes in as the best tool to equip Directors and Senior Managers with their duties and responsibilities to manage their organizations based on the best principles of Corporate Governance.

The Institute therefore is pleased to recognize and congratulate members who have undertaken Corporate Governance trainings for their professional growth.

We urge more individuals to undertake these trainings to understand the need for effective Corporate Governance Standards and how to implement them in their respective organizations.

The next intake for the Three-day split Corporate Governance training is scheduled for 26th March, 30th April and 28th May, 2020.

To register for the training, click (here) to download the Registration Form or click here to download the corporate registration formand submit the fully completed form to /

Training Schedule:

First Intake 2020 (March, April and May)

Dates March 26/03/ 2020 April 30/04/2020 May 28/05/2020
i Foundation of Corporate Governance principles and practices Strategic Planning-Key practices and Implementation Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility
ii. Role and functions of the Board/ Management Corporate Governance and the Law Policy Communication and Stakeholder Management
iii. Corporate Governance and Appreciating Financial Statements Corporate Governance and Human Resource practices Minutes, Report writing
iv. Risk Management Understanding Board Dynamics Corporate Governance and Business Operating Environment

This training will entail Certificate of participation in Corporate Governance Training for participants on completion of all 12 Modules in Corporate Governance by the ICGU.



Categories Time Fees      Per         Day (Ushs.) Total      Fees (Ushs.)
Non- members 8:30am – 4:30pm @ 600,000/= 1,800,000/=


@ 500,000/= 1,500,000/=

The total fees payable for the regular three-day split workshop is UShs. 1,500,000/= for members and UShs. 1,800,000 for non- members as shown above. The amount paid covers training manuals, tuition, venue, meals and refreshments.

PS: Customized Courses are available according to clients’ needs as a stand-alone or as a combination of any corporate governance topics.

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