Become member

How to Become a Member.

Membership is drawn from diverse professions, businesses and Institutional sectors with varying ideals and expectations.  The strategy for membership development emphasises membership growth and offers value adding services to members of the Institute.

The membership currently comprises of 853 members of whom 745 are individuals while 111 are corporates..

Membership Structure:

CategoryFees (Ushs.)QualificationRepresentationIdentity
Corporate2,000,000* Any organization registered as a corporate legal entity in Uganda. Director(s) and Executive   Officer(s) or anyone else authorized by the organization.Membership Certificate
New Applicant (Individual)150,000(100,000-Membership   fees, 30,000-lapel badge and 20,000- Membership card)Directors, Senior Managers, Consultants and ProfessionalsIndividual personMembership Card and ICGU Lapel badge
Existing   Individual Members100,000 per annum

* Payable at subscription, and thereafter, annually.

Benefits to Members

Belonging to an elite class of declared corporate governance practitioners and promoters with respect and recognition to uphold the ideals of Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility.

Opportunity to train in Corporate Governance Courses at discounted rates exclusive to members.

Regular invitation to ICGUforums like workshops, dinners and public awareness lectures which are also strategic venues for networking opportunities with like-minded individuals who form a valuable community of governance professionals and senior managers

Access to products and services through the Membership discount programme

Access to knowledge and subsidized services as a member owing to partnerships with Institutions like MUBS, ICPAU, IRA, ICSA and ULS to enhance continuous Professional Development.

Tapping into knowledge from the African Corporate Governance Network where ICGU is a member.

Complimentary Corporate Governance engagement for the Board of Directors and Senior Management upon renewal of membership annually. This relates to corporate members. With this, Directors are reminded of their duties and obligations which in turn will enhance efficiency in your Organization.


On submission of application, individuals and company representatives are required to submit their detailed CVs, two (2) passport size photographs and company profile.
ICGU is not a mass organisation, and therefore membership is not automatic.
The Membership Relations Committee reserves the powers to determine the admission or rejection of any applicant or cancellation of membership whether individual or corporate if discovered later or during time of engagement with the Institute as having been cited in any gross criminal offence deemed to be damaging to the Institute’s Integrity.
It is only when an applicant has fully paid the corresponding subscription fees and submitted all the other requirements that s/he is considered to be a fully-fledged Member of the Institute.