Better performance will be realized if an organisation is managed on principles that ensure high employee productivity. Embracing virtues like honesty, resilience, transcendence, gratitude, courage, strength based approach and positivity in an organization leads to exceptional performance as demonstrated in the case below;

Although endowed with enormous potential for exceptional progress, Buganda kingdom had been performing below its potential due to ineffective leadership characterized by low revenues, failed partnerships, delayed return of kingdom property from the government, disunity, self-pity, affiliation rebellions and lack of accountability.

But the appointment of Charles Peter Mayiga as the Buganda premier (Katikiro) on the 13th May 2013 opened a new chapter of transformational leadership anchored on collective efforts for progress. At the start of the new financial year 2013/2014, the Premier called for a Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament) where he unveiled a five-year master plan. The plan focused on the completion of the Kasubi Royal Tombs, completion of Masengere commercial building in Bulange, re-establishing a reward driven administrative system, transparency, unity, negotiating for the return of Kingdom property and the fight against poverty and poor health.

Through self-help efforts, Mayiga aggressively rallied Buganda and diaspora masses to contribute funds for supporting the kingdom’s development projects through fundraising drives codenamed Ettoffaali.  During the fundraising drive, people contributed cash and non-cash items such as building materials like cement, iron sheets, iron bars, bricks and many others. Mayiga reached out to different social classes of people including the young, old, rich and poor who contributed within their means.

He later appointed a team of Baganda prominent businessmen like Gasta Lule Ntakke and Fred Kiyimba Freeman to constitute the Buganda Development Committee to manage proceeds from the fundraising drive.  The Katikiro convened a gathering of Baganda and well-wishers every first day of the month to tell them how much funds had been collected and utilized on the various kingdom projects.

On 15th October 2014 and many other occasions, Peter Charles Mayiga convened meetings for Buganda MPs from different political parties persuading them to work as a team to reclaim the kingdom’s glory (The online new vision reported the event on 15th October 2014).

Within a period of three years, the Kingdom has established various income generating ventures like Buganda Broadcasting Service Telefayina (BBS TV), Reconstruction of Kasuubi Tombs (The Masiiro), Masengere commercial building and Engule beer in partnership with Nile breweries, Buganda Land Board, OmupiiragweBikkabya Buganda (Soccer between Buganda Clans) and partnerships on health with diplomatic missions among others. These ventures have led to a rise of the Kingdom’s annual Budget from sh5b to sh75b even more as we speak.

Mayiga influenced the return of 213 land titles which are part of the kingdom’s land earlier confiscated by the central government in 1966. The online New Vision of October 14, 2016 reported that Buganda kingdom had secured a 400 Million deal in which Airtel would in the next three years be the main sponsor of the Masaza tournament. This is the most watched tournament in Uganda currently.


Identified as one of the most outstanding self-help initiatives of collective efforts from Africa, In 2015, Mayiga was hosted on BBC in London to tell the whole world the secrets behind Ettoffaali fundraising drive and how he manages to rally the Kingdom’s subjects for a common cause.

He responded that it is only possible with, Integrity (obwerufu), Accountability (embalilra), Collective responsibility (Obumu), innovation (Okuyiya), Continous training (Okusomesa) and visionary leadership (obukulembezeobulinaekilubirirwa). Literally speaking Owk. Katikiro Peter Charles Mayinga mentioned all the Corporate Governance principles, therefore implied Good Governance.

Today Buganda Kingdom is one of the most organized and effectively run institutions with a complex cultural governance hierarchy but seamlessly operational, at least from the outside.

From Mayiga’s success story, we learn; to value everyone’s contribution, to focus on people’s potential, to foster unity, and organizing people to be positive and hopeful if you are to achieve outstanding organizational performance. That organisations ought to adhere to corporate governance principles and practices to nurture the leadership and management potential which translates into positive organizing.


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OWNED BY STUDENTS: Joshua Mawerere, Mulondo Moses, Muhaire Agnes, Banda Agnes, Richard Mugisa, AchamAhirwe Elizabeth, Kemigisha Ethel


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