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The Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda (ICGU) has launched a Media Training onCorporate Governance Reporting to build capacity of journalists to report on corporate governance matters. Thewebinar has three objectives;

  • To raise public awareness of corporate governance through the media
  • To improve journalists’ investigative skills on corporate governance issues
  • To encourage journalists to promote corporate governance best practices in emerging markets.

The webinar will have four training components:

  • Approaching editors:

Journalists discuss how they pitch their editors to publish stories about corporate governance and their strategies for building good relationships with editors

  • Investigative skills:

Journalists share their experiences in investigating corporate governance issues, including their key information sources.

  • Interpreting CG issues:

Experts will discuss how to interpret and publish Corporate Governance issues in the media.

  • Corporate governance basics:

Speakers from reputable organizations share their perspectives and insights on the importance of corporate governance in nation building.
The training is to help journalists understand their role in promoting the corporate governance principles and practices reporting and interpreting issues about Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Responsibility and Excellence.
Journalists should write stories on vices and bring out the violations to the principles of Corporate Governance in a manner easily understood by the public.