ICGU Courses


  1.   The training will culminate in a certificate of participation to seasonal directors and Senior Managers to qualify to sit on Boards of different organizations.
  2.   Also certification may lead to diploma award where applicable.
  3.  Targeted audience: Directors, CEO, ED, Company Secretaries, Senior Management, Auditors, Lawyers, Financial Institutions, NGO Boards, Public sector and Private enterprises governing bodies.
  4.  Time for each module is 2 hours.
  5.  Main mode of conduct: PowerPoint ;Practical guides; Case studies where applicable and Exercises for ease of reference.
  6.  Pricing for each Module is Shs. 3,000,000 – this includes in-depth research for preparation of materials and actual training fees.
  1.  Principles and Practices of Corporate Governance
  2.  The Role and Functions of The Board
  3.  Corporate Governance and Appreciating Financial Statements
  4.  Strategic Planning
  5.  Risk Management
  6.  Corporate Governance and The Law
  7.  Corporate Governance and Human Resource for Management and Board
  8.  Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility
  9.  Team Formation and Team Building
  10.  Corporate Governance and IT Governance
  11.  Board Dynamics and Leadership Styles for Board Efficiency
  12.  Financial Accounting and Analysis

This is for all directors who have been exposed to all modules in level 1.

  1.  The Role of The Board and Human Resources
  2.  Board Procedures and Effective Board Meetings
  3. Functions of Committees
  4.  Policy Communication and Stakeholder Management
  5.  Board of Directors Expectation
  6.  Roles of Corporate Secretary
  7.  Strategic Implementation and Management
  8.  Risk and Compliance Management
  9.  The Role of The Chairman and Relationship with CEO and Organization Secretary
  10.  Management Accounting
  11. Business Law
  12.  Taxation
  13.  Conflicts in Organizations
  14.  Ethical Behaviour Of Directors