The ICGU Corporate Governance Awards are here again!

As part of the broader strategy, to create awareness, propagate and deepen Corporate Governance practices in Uganda, the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda (ICGU) together with its partners is organizing the 3rd Prestigious Corporate Governance Awards 2023 scheduled for Thursday, 12th October, 2023 under the Theme “CELEBRATING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE EXCELLENCE”

The Awards will recognize organizations with outstanding achievements in adherence and observance of Corporate Governance practices. Awards play an important role in creating awareness, promoting and deepening the quality of Corporate Governance practices in both the public and private sector hence accelerating the achievement of National Development Plan (NDP) 111 and the SDG Vision 30.

The Institute has built a Standard Corporate Governance Self-Assessment Tool for organisations to test their corporate governance understanding, adherence and observance. The tool captures the organization’s reflection on the changing attitudes and expectations among stakeholders and other emerging issues like anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies and practices.

How To Participate:

Organizations will be required to fill an “Expression of Interest (EOI) Form” and a “Corporate Governance Assessment Questionnaire”. This can be go on our website or ask for them by email to or call/Whatsapp to 0782 239 754. They should be filled and returned by Thursday, 5th October, 2023.

Participate in the following categories;

On the expression of Interest form, it is important for the organisations to rightly select the category they belong to. Organisations will compete in the following categories;


  1. Large Private Sector Enterprise – Annual turnover in excess of Ugx.20 bn.
  2. Small & Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) – Annual turnover < Ugx. 20bn
  3. Public Sector Enterprise (Ministries, Directorates and Agencies)
  4. Non-Governmental Organizations
  5. Insurance Companies
  6. Banks & MDIs

Quality Assurance;

The Awards assessment process is independent, transparent, free and fair, it is critical to the long-term success of ICGU, participating orgnisations, our partners and sponsors.

Organizations voluntarily apply, fill the assessment questionnaire to participate and to be assessed. The ICGU CG Awards Judges’ Committee is solely responsible for selecting winners. The judges’ decision is final and no amount of negotiations can count. The ICGU CG Awards assessment will be concluded with a Corporate Governance Sector by Sector report. The report will be a cornerstone for the “State of Corporate Governance in Uganda”.

An independent ICGU CG Awards Assessment team will visit and assess willing enterprises on excellence in observance and adherence to Corporate Governance principles and practices amidst the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic. The information collected will be confidential and no single company data will be used for publications.

ICGU is the leading institution in promoting adherence to Corporate Governance in Uganda. Our mandate is to create awareness, propagate, promote and deepen Corporate Governance principles and practices within the public and private sector through trainings, advocacy, research, publication and consultancy.