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The training course covers the following areas: 

Module One: Motivation and Reward Systems

This includes the motivational process, motivation drivers which describe achievement motivation, need category systems, motivational and maintenance factors, behaviour modifications and re-inforcement, goal setting and its effects. It also discusses motivation drivers in detail which includes: Achievement motivation, affiliation motivation, competence motivation, power motivation. This module also looks at managerial application of the drivers in form of Human needs, the types of needs, variation in needs, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, lower –order needs, higher- order needs; interpreting the hierarchy of needs; Herzbergs two factor model, maintenance and motivational factors.

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The training course covers the following areas:

Module One:  Introduction to Corporate Governance

This includes the concept of corporate governance, forces driving corporate governance, aim, rationale and research in corporate governance. The module also covers why corporate governance is important as well as conceptualization of corporate governance as an inclusive study/approach.

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In our efforts to equip individuals with Corporate Governance best practices, the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda organizes corporate governance trainings for Senior Management, Committee Members, Compliance Officers, Company Secretaries, Audit Professionals, Risk Management Professionals, Change Managers, Accounting Professionals, Procurement Professionals, to mention but a few which take place twice a year.

The ICGU specializes in training Senior Managers and Board members in corporate governance practices for sustainability of their organizations and personal career growth through continuous professional development.  With the growing need for practical skills, this comes in as the best tool to equip Directors and Senior Managers with their duties and responsibilities to manage their organizations based on the best principles of Corporate Governance.

ICGU has conducted over 150 Tailor-made Courses with over 4,000 Participants from more than 240 Organisations across the country in various areas of governance 

The Institute therefore is pleased to recognize and congratulate members who have undertaken Corporate Governance training for their professional growth.

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